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How Do I Print the Formulas In Spreadsheet Cells?

I would like to print a row in a spreadsheet and print the formulas instead of the results of the calculations. Is that possible with Numbers or would it be possible to convert it to Excel and do it there?

I have eliminated some columns from my spreadsheet attempting to make it smaller and would like to have an easy way to verify that I am not trying to access the wrong columns with any of the formulas. I can see the highlighted cells when I am in the cell with the formula and all the fields referenced appear on the screen, but I have too many columns to do that and see everything. Is there an easier way to double check my sheet?

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    3 years ago

    Use the new function FORMULATEXT for this. So, for example, if B2 and C2 are numbers, and D2 is the formula B2+C2 then you have the result showing in D2. Create a new column E, and in E2 put FORMULATEXT(D2). Then E2 will show the text B2+C2.

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