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How Do I Quickly Share a Photo Taken From Lock Screen?

If I go to the Camera app on my iPhone and take a picture, I can immediately share it via Mail, Twitter, etc. However, if I access Camera using the lock screen short cut and take a picture, there is no option to share it. I have to exit to the home screen and got into my Photos app and share it from there. Is there a way around this? It’s a bit frustrating that the quickest way iOS lets you take a picture is also the longest route to sharing it. Not sure what Apple was thinking on this one.

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    11 years ago

    Right. If the phone is locked, then you can't share it. Otherwise, it wouldn't be very secure.
    Apple's thinking is right. In fact, if they did it the way you suggest then people would be up in arms about how locking your phone isn't really locking it at all since you can send email and post to social media sites.
    The feature to allow you to take a photo while locked is a good one as it saves you time if you need to get a shot quickly.
    It is just a matter of balancing two things: the security of locking your phone and the ability to take a quick picture. Apple has it right as you can take the quick picture and you can keep your phone secure. The trade-off is it takes a few more steps to share. That's not only a good trade-off but completely necessary.

    11 years ago

    For some reason I can never take a photo while the screen is locked (even though the icon is there). I don't know why.
    (I can play music while the screen is locked though - that bit works)

      11 years ago

      What, exactly, is preventing you from taking a photo? If the icon is there, what happens when you try to drag it upward?

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