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How Do I Reduce a Full Screen Browser Window?

Sometimes my browser window on Chrome on an imac with high sierra fills the entire screen and I have to use trial and error to escape that view so I can view other open windows. I tried pressing F10 or F11 keys to see if I could switch windows but that did.t work. Is there a toggle solution?
John Jung

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    3 years ago

    If you mean a true full screen app, like what you get when you click the green + button at the top left corner of a window, then there are many ways to exit from it.

    First, you could simply move your cursor to the top of the screen until the menu and toolbars appear, and then click the green button again. Or, choose View, Exit Full Screen. You'll see a keyboard shortcut for that there too. You can also use Control+Up Arrow to enter Mission Control and switch desktops from there or exit full screen mode using Mission Control controls.

    If you mean something else, like a video playing in Chrome going full screen, then you should be able to use a button to exit. For a YouTube video, it is a button at the very bottom right corner. But it could be different for other video players or content that goes full screen.

    Also, simply pressing the Esc key should do it. Curious as to why you thought the F10 or F11 keys would do this. They control volume. Does F10 or F11 do something with full screen apps on Windows?

    John Jung
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the Mission Control method. I had Chrome in full-screen mode and could not find a way to exit it.

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