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How Do I Relocate My Home Directory and Use iCloud for Documents & Desktop?

I have three Mac computers. An iMac (1TB disk), a MacBookPro (512GB disk) and a MacBookAir (256GB disk). The main computer I use is the iMac. All three are running the latest version of Mojave.
I want to relocate my home directory to an external disk because I do not have enough space on the 1TB disk to store all my document, photos, music, movies, etc.. I want all of these items under my home directory. I know how how to move my home directory to an external disks. My problem is I do not know how iCloud will deal with this move.

Currently, in System Preferences on all three computers, I have all items under iCloud checked off. Also under System Preferences -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive -> Options…, I have all options checked.

Do I have to uncheck “Desktop & Documents Folders” on my main computer before I move my home directory, then turn it back on after the move?

Will Mojave handle this correctly? Will this have a negative impact on the two laptops?

Thank You.
Edward Moroch

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    2 years ago

    I wouldn’t do that. Your Home directory needs to be on your Internal drive. Otherwise, you are playing with fire.

    If you turn on System Preferences, iCloud, iCloud Drive Options, “Optimize Mac Storage” then your larger and least used files will be taken off your drive and stored only on iCloud. It will be automatic. See

    Your other option is to simply store some of your files on the external drive. Don’t move your Home folder or anything like that. Just take some old projects or things you don’t need on iCloud Drive and store them on the external. That’s how most people in this situation (including myself) do it.

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