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How Do I Remove 32-Bit Apps?

With Catalina OS around the corner, 32 bit Apps will not be supported. I checked the long list of my 32 bit Apps and will have no need for them. Is there a way to delete them all in one fell swoop as they would be just taking up space?
Ron Mangan

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    5 years ago

    I wouldn't try to delete them, or anything, "one fell swoop" as it would be easy to get into trouble.

    Some of those could be components of software that you use, and are mostly 64-bit, and deleting them could break the software. The idea would be that those apps would update those components to 64-bit eventually.

    I would look at each one and understand what it is, then uninstall it properly: LaunchPad first for App Store apps, then look for uninstallers or instructions from the developer for proper uninstalls.

    If they are taking up significant space, I would start with the largest ones.

    I believe when you update to Catalina, those apps that are still 32-bit will be rounded up and placed in a special folder.

    Ron Mangan
    5 years ago

    Thank you Gary. I will follow your advice.

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