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How Do I Save a Finished Working Table In Numbers for Other Users?

Hi I have a finished working table in numbers I want to save it so other user can use it but not modify it and not have it with all the edit functions showing… just have the working table.
It does have other tables on seperate sheets which are used for reference
in the main table but i just want the main table visible..

Thanks for all the great tutorials keep up the good work!!
Richard Locke

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    2 years ago

    I’m not sure what you are asking. If you just want one table visible on the first sheet, then build your document so that you have one table on the first sheet and then rest on other sheets. But it sounds like maybe you already have this?

    You mention not allowing people to modify it. In Numbers, you can’t lock or protect cells. So you can’t protect just individual cells. But you can lock entire tables. Select the table and choose Arrange, Lock.

    But you mention “working” tables, which maybe means you want people to be able to change some values? In that case, you’d want to design the document so the changeable values are in one table, and the functions and results are in another.

    Also, of course, anyone with the document could simply unlock any table they want. But hopefully that isn’t a concern.

    If you just want to show the results of your work, and aren’t looking to have someone be able to change values in the document, then just export the first sheet as a PDF.

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