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How Do I Save My Notes From My iPhone?

Hi Gary how do I save my notes from my iPhone to a jpeg or Word doc on my iMac? All I can do is copy and paste them each individually. Is some other way I can do this like select each file in notes or drag and drop? Thx your help as always.

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    4 months ago

    So since you want to do this on your Mac, just go to the Notes app on your Mac. I assume you are using iCloud to sync Notes so you should see the same notes there.

    Does it have to be a jpeg image file or a Word document? There is an easy way to save one as a PDF, which is much more useful than an image (you can select text, copy, search, etc) or Word (which would require that particular app). You can just choose File, Export As PDF.

    If you really need a jpeg, then you can open that PDF in Preview, and export from there as a jpeg.

    As for Word, your best bet is probably to select all, copy and paste into Word. That’s pretty fast and I can’t think of any way to make it faster than that. I guess you could select all, drag and drop, but that is about the same speed as copy and paste.

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