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How Do I Search My iCloud Drive?

I am looking for a Numbers document on my iCloud drive that I modified a few days ago. I thought I’d do a more general search. I searched for “Kind is Any” and “Last modified Date within the last 8 days”. It returned nothing. I know that there are a lot of files that I changed in the last few days. Is it a problem searching the iCloud drive? I had a problem with this before. Thoughts.
gene C

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    2 years ago

    Sounds like something is wrong. But are you sure you are searching your whole computer? When you start a search, it usually is only looking in the current folder. Look at the top of the window for “Search:” followed by “This Mac” and then the current folder name. Make sure This Mac is selected.

    Otherwise, the first thing I’d do is to rebuild the spotlight index.

    2 years ago

    Yes, the search is against the entire iCloud drive. I am going to look for your advice when I had this problem a couple of months ago.

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