Forum Question: How Do I See Photos Using Finder?

Hi Gary, first thank you very much for your help. I have a few questions to share with you. 1) In Finder, I can see through the photos that were imported into iPhoto? and 2) As I can read directly from my iPhone / iPad a document that is stored on the Time Capsule
Nelson Da Silva

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    10/19/11 @ 7:34 am

    You don’t view your iPhoto library in the Finder, you view it in iPhoto.
    However, if you are in a file open/choose file dialog then you can look in the left sidebar for the option to browse your iPhoto collection there to open it directly in whatever application you are using.
    As for reading files from Time Capsule — you shouldn’t ever try to access files on your Time Machine backup directly. Use Time Machine to do that. It is hard to find files on your own because of the way incremental backups work. Plus, altering your files on your Time Machine backup can cause serious problems with your backup. So just use the Time Machine interface.

    ilene hoffman
    10/20/11 @ 11:34 pm

    If you are VERY careful, you can see the photos in iPhoto. Just make sure that you DO NOT move or delete anything or you screw up iPhoto completely.
    1. Go to your Picture folder.
    2. Find “iPhoto Library”
    3. Right click the iPhoto Library and choose: Show Package Contents
    4. In the iPhoto Library window, you will find all your original images in the various folders inside the Masters folder.
    5. You can change the view to Icon view to see your shots. DO NOT MOVE any of the files. (You can copy them to another hard drive or folder, but be careful you do NOT move them out of whatever folder they appear inside of.)
    Just to be safe, before you close that or any of the windows, change the view back to the List view.
    This is an “advanced” technique, sort of.

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