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How Do I Send a Message I Received To Myself and Have It Show Up On My iMac?

I got some great photos of new grandchild on iPhone Message. I tried to Mail them to myself so I could print them and/or save them.

The Mail sounds like it goes but the email does not show up on my computer.

How can I eMail a Message to myself?


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    4 years ago

    I’m not sure what could be wrong with your email that this is happening. It is most likely a problem with your email system. Is it Yahoo? Maybe it doesn’t show up in your inbox when you send to yourself. You’d need to contact Yahoo about that, but Yahoo doesn’t offer any email support.
    But there are much better ways to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac. A good way is using AirDrop, which sends the real photo (Mail usually compresses them). Of course if you sync to your Mac, then transferring photos happens then. Using iCloud Photo Library is the best way, as this all just happens automatically.

    4 years ago

    If they’re using gmail and the gmail interface, they
    should check the item named “All Mail” in the left column
    just below “Drafts”. The missing email might show up there.

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