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How Do I Send Multiple Emails More Efficiently?

If I want to forward an email I have received to multiple friends do I have to individually click their names and their email addresses or can I just tick the names in my friends list and send them all together?

It is very tedious to have to click, on my friends list, their name and then their email address as well.(30 or 35 contacts) I would just like to make the process more efficient.
David Leyshon

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    2 years ago

    You can do it any way you want. I usually just type the name or email address, using autocomplete so I don't have to type the whole thing, with a comma between them. But you can use the ⊕ button to select them one at a time too. If you have to send to 30 to 35 people, it would probably be a lot easier to type and autocomplete with commas.

    If it is the same people you need to send to each time, like a company project or sports team, etc, you can create a group in contacts. Then just type the name of the group to add them all. Or, just find the last message you sent and copy all of the email addresses and paste them into the new message.

    Another thing you can do is to open up the Contacts app and drag and drop names from there to your To field in the Mail app.

    David Leyshon
    2 years ago

    Hi Gary, thank you for the prompt response. My problem is that I don't always want to send various emails to everybody on my friends list. I just send selective emails to selective contacts, sometimes to everybody on the list. It is no problem doing them individually but I thought there may have been a more efficient way. Dave.

    2 years ago

    David: Well then my typing suggestion is what I would do. Contacts drag-and-drop second choice.

    2 years ago

    Why not make several groups and name them, for example: Politics, Jokes, Information, Family, Friends.

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