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How Do I “Share” a Photo To a Website?

I am on a website that makes custom license plates. All you do is upload your photo. Two Questions: 1) how does one do that on OS 10.13? In other words, the website says select a file. But Photos will not let me select. Why does Apple not allow a person to go to the photos library and select photos to Genedo whatever with. I know one can got to photos and select and then share using email but why does Apple not allow a user to be in eMail and attach a photo?

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    3 years ago

    There are many ways to select a photo from your Photos Library when a website is asking for one. Typically, you click on a “Choose Photo” button or something like that. In the dialog box that comes up, you can select a file, but you can also look for Photos listed on the left sidebar under Media. Then you can browse your Photo Library instead of your files. It is kind of like a little mini version of the Photos app where you can see your moment, collections, albums, etc.

    You can also, of course, simply drag and drop a photo from the Photos app to the Desktop or any Finder window and then select that file.

    As for attaching to an email, like you mention in your last sentence, there is also an Attach button at the top of the Mail composition window that you can use to attach a file or Photo in the same way.

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