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How Do I Share a Photos App Image To My Desktop?

In Apple Photos, once I edit (or not) a photo I would like to send that image to my Desktop. I cannot seem to find a way to do that. If I select the “Upload Icon” I get a list of places to share, Mail, Notes, Twitter..

There must be a way to send that photo image to my desktop, any ideas on how to do that? I know I can use Photos > File > Export, just thought a share would be faster?

Why: Because I then have an opportunity to further edit that image say in another application like Adobe Lightroom.
Don J J Carroll

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    2 years ago

    Besides File, Export, you can drag and drop. Just drag the photo from your Photos Library or whatever album you may be looking at, to your Desktop. You can drag it to any Finder window too. This is the same as File, Export, but without the options to choose from.

    However, you said you want to do that to edit in another app. Exporting it to do that is a bad idea for two reasons. The first is you create another copy of that photo. The second is that you are exporting a compressed copy of the image. You can do better by choosing File, Export, Export Unmodified Original. So then you get the best resolution to edit in that other app.

    However, the best way to edit in another app is directly from Photos. Choose the Photo and go to Image, Edit With. That takes the image directly from Photos to the other app. Then when you save, it saves directly back to Photos. No extra files, and the highest quality all around. After you do that once, you can do it again with the same app using Command+Return as a keyboard shortcut.

    This should work in most apps, like Pixelmator, Photoshop, etc. Not sure about Lightroom. Lightroom is it's own photos management system, like the Photos app, so it isn't as straight-toward to go between the two. What is it you need to do in Lightroom that you can't do in Photos?

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