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How Do I Share Contacts and Calendar With Family?

My wife and I both have separate Apple accounts. How can we share contacts and calendar but nothing else on are iPads? All devices have iOS up to date.
Paul Mundick

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    2 years ago

    Sharing Calendars on the iPad is relatively straight-forward. You tap Calendars at the bottom to bring up the lost of Calendars. Then you tap the i button next to the calendar you want to share. It needs to be an iCloud calendar of course. Then you tap Add Person and add the other person's Apple ID.

    You cannot share Contacts. They are individual databases for each Apple ID account. There is no way to share them.

    Douglas Brace
    2 years ago

    One possibility to sharing both contacts and calendars... create a shared Gmail but do not use it for (at least, regular) email purposes (although, maybe you could set it up for your bills shared accounts like Netflix or Amazon). You can then add the Gmail account information into the calendar and contacts area of your iOS devices (while potentially not including email). — Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Gmail (turn off “Mail” but leave “Calendar” and “Contacts” on (maybe even “Notes”)

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