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How Do I Share iCloud Family Sharing Storage for Photos With iOS 11 Files?

I’m trying to share files under iCloud family storage and curious if the Files App permissions work to permit view, edit, write and what the folders look like across the shared storage for viewing and whether the iCloud Photo library is visible and shareable as a single file.

Can it be opened at the same time by each family member due to locking issues?
Bob Malenich

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    6 years ago

    No, you can't do this. The iCloud Photos library is not just a regular file and you won't find it in iCloud Drive. It is a special service. You can technically take the library file and make that available as a shared file, but that is asking for disaster as this complex library is not going to be able to handle multiple user access and will probably not allow it (best case) or become corrupted (worst case).

    The only way to share photos with others is to use shared albums, which is a separate feature of iCloud and the Photos app. Your Library has to remain yours personally, only directly accessible by you on your devices.

    The feature "Family Sharing Storage" is about sharing your allotment of iCloud storage space, not about actually sharing the files.

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