Forum Question: How Do I Shift the Placement Of a Speaker On Green Screen In iMovie?

Hi Gary, I am making an iMovie of testimonial vignettes for a promotional video. Each vignette features one person centered in front of a green screen. I want to shift the speakers to the right so that the logo on my backdrop is visible (the logo is on the left hand side). I am working in iMovie ’09. Do you have a tutorial that addresses this question? If not, could you tell me how to do it? Thanks so much!

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    8/9/12 @ 1:10 pm

    What you would need to do is to use Picture-in-Picture. Otherwise, there is no way to move the video of them. Then it will be tricky to get your logo in there because usually you would do that with Picture-in-Picture too, but you can only have one at a time. So maybe the background would have the logo on it.
    So you have the testimonials in a p-in-p, and that cropped and moved over a bit. Then the background (main video that the p-in-p is over) include your logo.
    You’ll need to experiment with that idea for a while.
    In FCPX this is trivial as you can simply shift the testimonial video over.
    Also, maybe upgrade to iMovie 11 (why are you using such an old version?) for better performance.

    8/9/12 @ 3:05 pm

    Oops, I think I might not have been clear about the testimonials–they are verbal testimonials given by the speakers, who are positioned in front of the green screen (speaking one at a time). When I tried your suggestion the speaker ended up superimposed over the backdrop in a small box in the top right corner (as the picture-in-pictures do), still in front of her green screen. Is seems that I can’t do “Green Screen” and “Picture-in-Picture” at the same time–is that correct? Even if it were possible, I was unable to trim the edges of the video–it only let me resize the video with a fixed aspect ratio. As I want the speaker to stay the same size (all I want to do is shift her to the right), the resizing won’t help. Can you think of any work arounds to try or should I accept that the speaker has to stay centered? Thank you!!! P.S. The logo part is fine; I already have the logo included in the background.

      8/9/12 @ 3:28 pm

      Right. I think you are at a dead end with iMovie here. Something more advanced is what you need, like FCPX or Premiere. Or, perhaps outsource this as it seems like a project in need of pro skills.

        8/9/12 @ 3:41 pm

        OK, thanks for the suggestions. I think I’ll stick with the centered speakers given the low-tech nature of this project. It would be nice (but isn’t necessary) to have the speakers on the right side of the screen. Thanks for all the help!

    Karen E Smith
    8/9/12 @ 7:44 pm

    I’d like to to try the movie-in-movie that you used for demonstrating Mountain Lion. It was great when your face looked toward what you were demonstrating. Sorry, I’m unfamiliar with this stuff. I’m going to use it for some tutorials. Where’s the best place to start? Any help appreciated.

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