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How Do I Sort Ascending and Keep It Sorted?

I have a spread sheet in Numbers containing a list of several hundred names, addresses etc. When I add several names etc. to the list, I Select the Column of names and go to Sort ascending. I keep the list in iCloud. The next time I open the list, it is not sorted, it shows the last names I added at the bottom. I even use File> Save after I have sorted and that doesn’t help. What am I doing or not doing that will save the list as sorted?

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    4 years ago

    That shouldn't happen. It shouldn't revert like that. But I just tried it and I can see it too. Must be a bug.

    What does work is if I make another change. So I do the sort, then put a new value into another cell. Then save. Then it seems to record the new order in the save.

    Hopefully this is something that just gets fixed in the next version.

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