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How Do I Sort Numbers File By Date If File Was SAVED From CSV Date Format?

I’m trying to sort a Numbers (11.2) file by a column of dates if the file was SAVED from a .CSV to a .NUMBERS file?

The problem is the Numbers Dates won’t sort because of the old .CSV FORMAT. I CAN sort them if I add a space to the end of each .Numbers Date, however there are HUNDREDS of different dates to contend with. Is there an easier way or are we just stuck with this solution. I have many .NUMBERS files with this same sort problem.

Although the .CSV dates LOOK EXACTLY like the .NUMBERS dates (04/2002) they WON’T sort without a space after it (04/2002 ). <--like this. For example, I'm trying to sort MANY US Savings Bonds by Maturity Dates so I can keep track of when to redeem them at Maturity date. The .CSV format saved to .Numbers won't sort. ----- Elaine

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    2 years ago

    It sounds like the dates are being treated like text instead of values. Is that correct?
    Select all of the dates (double-click on the column heading).
    Change the format from Automatic to Date.
    This should convert them all to dates.

    2 years ago

    Thank you Gary. You're faster than a speeding bullet with solutions. :)

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