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How Do I Sync Home Videos On Catalina To My iPad?

I make home videos on my mac and then I sync them to my iPad. Can I still do this on once I have downloaded Catalina?

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    2 years ago

    Yes, of course. You can do it manually through the TV app on both devices. Same as with Mojave, except that the app is TV on your Mac now instead of iTunes and the sync settings are in the Finder. See

    Or, you can do this through iCloud. You don't even need to use the TV app if you don't want to. You can just use iCloud Drive to access the videos as files on you iPad. You can also use iCloud Photos if the videos are in your Photos Library. And you can also use Media Sharing on your Mac as long as you are on the same Wi-Fi network. So lots of ways.

    Sheli Berger
    2 years ago

    thank you

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