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How Do I Un-Sync Mac Mail With 3 Devices?

Gary, I have three mac devices which all receive my email,( same address for all three). If I delete one message on one device, it is removed from the other two. Is there a way with mail to unsink them, so as if I delete a message on one device, the other two are not affected? Two devices are computers and one iPhone. On both computers, I have the latest OS.

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    4 years ago

    So the way modern email works (IMAP, Gmail, iCloud) is that the server handles everything and your Mail app is just a way to view what the server has. It is a little more complex than that, but basically your email account is one thing, and you view it on all of your devices.

    So the idea of deleting an email on one device and having it appear as not deleted on the other device doesn't make sense.

    So, what is it you are trying to accomplish? If you have an email you want to see later, then keep it in your inbox. Then you'll see it on all of your inboxes. When yo are done with it, you can archive it (I never delete email) and it will appear archived on all of your devices. Why do you need to see it deleted on one device but not others?

    Perhaps placing it in a folder will do? Like you may want to have a "Review Later" folder or something like that?

    david marquette
    4 years ago

    I travel with an iPhone, iPad, and MBP all linked to a single email acct, 200+ emails per day. During the day (usually at a client's workplace) I use the iPhone for quick responses. At night, in the hotel, I use the MBP for more complex emails that I may have opened on iPhone. And when I'm out, say to dinner, I use the iPad to stay in touch. My solution to the "delete one-delete all" IMAP issue is to use an old fashioned POP mail configuration. A "review later" folder is a great suggestion.

    4 years ago

    I use Apple Mail and iCloud in a similar manner and have installed a folder called Archive where I save email messages which require further and more detailed responses from my iMac or MBP. Short message responses, if needed, are done on my iPhone and then either the message is deleted or I can save my response.

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