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How Do I Uninstall Duplicate Applications On a Mac?

When I go into About This Mac>Storage>Mange it shows that some applications have older versions. Other apps, such as Garage Band show two versions that appear identical. I’m not sure how or if I should delete these apparently duplicate apps. I have a screenshot but can’t find a way to attach it here.

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    7 years ago

    It could be that you have the current version of GarageBand and an older version as well. Just look in your Applications folder. Check for subfolders in there as well, such as "iWork" or "iLife" folders. Get Info on the apps (select, Command+i) to see the version numbers. You can get rid of the older versions if you like and no longer use them. Just drag them to the trash.

    7 years ago

    thanks Gary, yes as it turns out that there are two versions of Garage Band, and upon looking more closely I realized that the older version has some features the new one doesn't so I'll keep both. The one that's puzzling to me is iMovie, it shows one that says "iMovie (v296612)" and another "iMovie 9.0.9 (v1795)" and this latter one is classified "Older Versions" so I'm guessing it should be safe to remove this latter one. I wish older versions would get over-written when new ones come in !

    7 years ago

    What features did you hear are in the old GarageBand that are not in the new one?
    Apple does the right thing in not deleting old apps when they do major overhauls on software. It means people can move to the new app when they are ready and done with current projects.

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