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How Do I Use a Password Manager Between Different Devices?

I am confused on how to use a password manager, recently featured in a newsletter. How would I access passwords when using a number of different devices, such as iMac, Windows PC, Samsung Tablet, or Samsung android phone. How about when I need a password for a site when using someone else’s computer? Would I need to install the password manager on each of the devices to get access? Is there still a need for a printed version?

I need to be able to access web sites by knowing their passwords from different types of devices and while I’m traveling.
Dick Vitales

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    2 years ago

    If you have Mac, Windows and Android devices, you want to pick a password manager that works on all of those platforms. There are many. Then they would all access the same database of your passwords in the cloud and you can use the passwords on all of your devices.

    If you are on someone else's computer, a situation that hopefully comes up very rarely, then you would simply pull out your closest device (your phone, probably) and bring the password up there. Then you'd have to type it in. You want to do this only if absolutely necessary, as logging into an account on a device you don't control is very risky. Even if you trust the owner of that device completely, you don't know how careful they have been in their own security and their machine could be compromised in a variety of ways. Instead, if you have your phone with you, use that device to access what you need.

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