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How Do I Use an iMac As a Second Display?

I have a late 2013 iMac still running like new but as you know won’t be able to upgrade to Big Sur. Is there a way to use my 2013 iMac as a second monitor with say a MacBook Pro or more likely an Apple silicon Mac?

Because I can’t believe I’m unable to upgrade my 7-year-old still-likenew iMac and looking for a way to at least continue using the retina display. And maybe I’m just better off selling my iMac and using the funds toward a new silicon Mac. My 21.5″ iMac is a late 2013, with a 3.1 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 16 GB Memory, 1 TB Fusion drive.

Device: Mac Running Catalina

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    2 years ago

    You should be able to, yes. It is called Target Display Mode and was only on iMacs from 2009 to 2014. So it sounds like yours would work for this.

    However, you say your iMac has a Retina display? I'm not sure it is one of those models, then. I was under the impression that when retina displays started, the target display mode feature ended. So I would confirm with Apple that you can even do this.

    You probably are better off selling it, as a new 4K screen can cost much less than the sale price and you'd have something smaller and more energy efficient.

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