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How Do I Use Functions In Numbers for iOS Devices?

I’m trying to add columns that will calculate a quotient for values in 2 existing columns and then I will covert to a percent. Then average the latest 7 calculated Quotient values & place percents in another column.

Also, is there any Online NUMBERS Tutorials that u would suggest to help as I shift from Windows to iOS / Mac? Finally is Mac version of NUMBERS much more powerful that the iOS version or just easier to use, I.e., trackpad & mouse vs touch screen on iPhone & iPad?

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    2 years ago

    I’m not sure what you are trying to do based on that description. So you want to divide the values in column B by column C? So in column D, in cell D2, you would simple have =B2/C2 as the formula. Then copy and paste that in all cells in D. So D is the quotient of B/C.

    If that value represents a percent, then you don’t need to convert anything. Just select the cells in D and change the format to percent. So if the value is 0.578 it would show as 57.8%. It is just a way of showing the value using percents rather than regular numbers.

    To average a set of exactly 7 cells, you would use AVERAGE. So if this is cells D11 to D17, you would use =AVERAGE(D11:D17)
    You can copy and paste that into all cells in column E if you like, but of course not the first 6 cells since there wouldn’t be 7 values to average.

    I have a many tutorials on various topics in Numbers. And also a full course on the subject ( )

    The Mac version is more complete than the iOS version, yes. Although both can do things like you describe. The iOS version has one feature that Mac does not (forms). If you have both a Mac and and iPad at your disposal, I would definitely use the Mac for spreadsheets.

    2 years ago

    Thx so much for ur detailed explanation. I definitely am purchasing a Mac laptop in the next month. Does the newest MacBook have a much improved keyboard? Since I am Window user switching to Mac, I just want to make that I do not get the laptop with the keyboard that so many complain about, is it “butterfly” keyboard? I will google “butterfly”.

    2 years ago

    Fannypack: Yes, the whole line-up has the new keyboard. The old butterfly keyboard is gone.

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