Forum Question: How Do I Use Two Apple ID and Two Users, One iMac for App Purchases?

I have an iMac and have set it up as user Mom, using an Apple ID for music and apps. As well, this Apple ID, Mom, is the primary for sync and backup of multiple iOS devices. This Apple ID, Mom, is a USA one account. I have a second user on the iMac, Dad. This user has a separate Apple ID, but a Philippines account. This second Apple ID, Dad, hasn’t been used for any purchases or sync of any iOS device. I’d like to use the Dad user and his Apple ID to make some app purchases. For example, I’d like to buy Acorn, using the Dad user and his Apple ID. My question is will that purchased app be usable by the other user, Mom on the iMac?

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    8/15/16 @ 7:16 am

    Good question. You’ve got two factors here: First, will an app purchase made by one Mac user with iTunes account A be available to the second user with iTunes account B. My best guess is yes. I have many test accounts on my Macs for making the MacMost videos and taking screenshots for my books. Those test accounts do not use my main Apple ID for iTunes. But when I purchase an app with my main account, that app is available for all of the users on that Mac.
    But the second factor is interesting: Yours second Apple ID is in a different country. I don’t think this will make a difference. But unless you can find something out through a Google search on this, you may just have to try it out with Acorn or some other inexpensive app to see what happens.
    There is another factor you have to think about too. What about Family Sharing? ( That would normally help out in a situation like this, but it sounds like you want to keep these two iTunes accounts separate. And I’m not sure if Family Sharing would work if there are two separate countries involved. Or, it would just consider the second account the same country as the first when it comes to purchases at least.
    You could always call Apple and ask them about this.

    8/15/16 @ 3:58 pm

    I have not used a credit card for the USA Apple ID. My only credit cards are for overseas accounts, so I set up the USA account and use gift cards for purchases. Works fine and has for many years. That’s one reason I don’t use family sharing. I’d make contact with Apple, but that may open a can of worms I hadn’t anticipated. Maybe I’ll try some sort of freemium app and see if it works. Thanks Gary.

    8/15/16 @ 4:03 pm

    Using only gift cards to fund an iTunes account is very very common. I wouldn’t worry about that. But if you don’t have an official US address, then I’m not sure what they’d say.

    8/15/16 @ 9:15 pm

    I agree that it is common. So much so I think I recall even some instructions from Apple how to establish the account. However, the terms and conditions may present a reason for them to deny access….a sort of don’t ask don’t tell situation now for many Apple ID users overseas. I’ve successfully been using my ordering for several years, hundreds of songs as well as apps. I just wanted to try the direct route with a user with an overseas Apple ID along with associated local credit card. Thx

    8/31/16 @ 10:00 am

    Used 2 Apple ID accounts for years; 1 US based from a time when I worked in NYC. When I moved back to Europe, I had to open a new account to use my European credit card. I do not have a US credit card any more; the remaining amount could not be returned or transferred (the account couldn’t even be closed with the remaining amount unusable because there was nothing that had exactly that price), I use US account with gift cards. Occasionally I get annoyed by need to switch store for updating apps.

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