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How Do I View and Control Another Mac Via the Internet (not Local Network)?

A friend of mine often needs a little help with some tasks. Usually the 15 mile trip takes a lot longer than fixing a problem.

A video or detailed instructions on how to set up both a host and client so that I can view and control a remote iMac via the internet would sure be appreciated. Both of the computers are running Sierra.
Oakdale Carl

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    3 years ago

    You can do this using Screen Sharing via messages. I’m not sure if you are already set up so you can use iMessage to text each other, but if not, set that up. Run the Messages app and check in Messages, Preferences, Accounts and make sure you are both set up to use your iCloud account with Messages.
    Then start or continue a regular chat in Messages. Then choose Buddies, Ask to Share Screen. They should get asked for approval and then you can see they screen and even manipulate their cursor.
    I did a video on this last year: Mac Screen Sharing Through the Messages App.

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