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How Do I View Only One Calendar At a Time?

Is there a way to easily show one calendar at a time on Mac Calendar? I have “on my Mac”, “iCloud” and several Google account calendars set up. I have about 20 different categories set up under both “on my Mac” and “iCloud”. If I only want to see one calendar specifically, I have to uncheck all the others by hand. I thought I could just open up the calendar I wanted by selecting it in the window menu, but not all of them show up there. I currently created three specific calendars that I want to see alone in Google, but I’m not sure if this was the best thing to do or not.

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    6 years ago

    Yes, you have to uncheck the calendars you don’t want to see, and then check the ones you do.
    But it is not as hard as it sounds, if you know the right keyboard shortcuts.
    Clicking on one of the calendars will check it, or uncheck it. Command+click will check or uncheck them all. And the one you want is Command+Option+click. This unchecks all of them except the one you are clicking on.
    So to quickly view only one calendar, Command+Option+Click on the one you want.

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