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How Do You Export Photos From the Photos App To a DVD?

I have my photos arranged in Events and want to back up the photos on a DVD arranged in the same Events format. How do I do this?

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    4 years ago

    Here are some suggestions you may want to try:
    If your entire Photos library file is small enough, you may just want to burn a DVD with that file. That will be quick, easy and comprehensive.
    If not, an option is to duplicate your Photos library file, open that file instead of your regular one, then delete the photos you don’t want. Then back up that new library to DVD and switch back to your original when all done.
    You could always create a folder in the Finder, then a sub-folder for each event. Then drag and drop all of the photos from each event into each folder. Then burn that folder.
    You can make that last idea easier if you use File, Export in Photos. Select the albums you want, then File, Export. It should then let you specify the file name format and subfolder format. Then burn the resulting folders to a DVD.

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