Forum Question: How do you setup the app Here File File with the Mac

H im tryin to setup the iphone app “here, file file” so that it connects with the program on my macbook pro. But its not connecting it says that “Access from local network only.”

I port forwarded and used a personal ip setup to my macbook on the airport extreme but still no dice. Can anyone help me out or is facing a similar problem?

Im using a MacboOK Pro, Airport Extreme Router, and an Iphone 3gs. Thanks

— Aimen

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    3/7/10 @ 8:47 am

    Have you tried to contact support for the maker of the App?
    I don’t use that App, but it sounds like one I do use. If it connects over your local network, then port forwarding shouldn’t be needed at all. That only routes a port from outside the network. But it may use Bonjour to see Macs on your network, so check to see if it does, and if it does then make sure Bonjour is on for your MacBook.

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