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How Do You Turn Off Autocomplete/autofill In Numbers?

Can you please tell me how to disable or turn off the autocomplete/autofill function in numbers? I am creating a spreadsheet with a column for First Name, Middle Initial, and this feature is driving me crazy. Thanks, in advance for your assistance.

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    11 years ago

    Let me take this opportunity to show you how I answer questions like this one.
    So whenever you are faced with an issue like this, always look in the preferences for the app to see if there is a setting for it.
    The preferences can always be found by going to the menu bar menu with the app's name (in this case "Numbers") and looking for Preferences.
    In Preferences, you can usually select several tabs at the top that divide the preferences into smaller manageable groups by category. In this case, Numbers has: General, Rulers, and Auto-Correction.
    Now you may think that Auto-Correction is the place to go for this one. But looking there you won't find it. That's because you aren't really correcting anything -- it is filling in data for you by trying to predict what you are typing, not correcting.
    So continue looking. Under General you'll see some checkboxes with "Editing." The second one is "Show auto-completion list in table columns." That sounds like it, and sure enough it does the trick.
    So that's basically how I figure these things out. Hope this helps.

    Joseph M Landwermeyer
    11 years ago

    It sure did help! I also appreciate that you didn't just say go here and do this. Being shown the thought process was an appreciated bonus.

    Thanks for your help with this... Now I can get some cuss-free work done. :)

    Regards, JML

    Joseph Allen
    11 years ago

    Gary, thanks for teaching us how to think "inside the Apple box" ... .

    You are empowering me to answer more and more of my own questions concerning my iMac ... ((<: }

    11 years ago

    Amen, and amen to the thanks for teaching us to fish not just giving us a fish.

    You are good at it!

      11 years ago

      I second, third, and fourth all of the above comments. Gary, you are a great teacher.

    11 years ago

    Speaking of getting some cuss-free work done... perhaps you can help me make a column of numbers. In Excel all I had to do was put 1 in cell 1 and 2 in cell 2 ... select the column and then select fill down and it would to it. There is no such thing in Numbers that I can find. I was so desperate I broke down and looked in the manual. My sheet is 22,000 cells down and if I have to drag the cursor down the page it could take 10 minutes. I have this problem often... Help!!! Thanks! You're the best!

        10 years ago

        Thanks Gary... I did search in Macmost, the Numbers Manual & Google, but did not find the answer to my question. It seems the only way to get the numbers to fill in SEQUENTIALLY is to the drag down all 22000 cells. Unlike Excel fill down only takes the same number and places it to every cell in the column. Try dragging "1,2,3" group down 22000 cells and you'll see what a pain it is. thanks for ALL your wonderful videos.

          10 years ago

          I have to wonder, why do you need to fill an empty table with the numbers 1 to 22,000? Maybe if I knew the bigger picture, a better way would be apparent.

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