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How Does a User Force Pages Tablets Do Page Breaks?

But I cannot find how to do a page break in tables in Pages. Very frustrating.

I am trying to format large, multi-page tables mostly in a larger type. As data gets entered, they extend beyond the bottom of the page and do not break cleanly onto a new page. Nor can I find an insertion point to force a row onto a new page. Weird.
Scott Low

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    2 years ago

    You can't. Tables in Pages are meant to be contained on one page. If you want larger tables that span multiple pages, use Numbers instead.

    If you need to create a document that contains a multi-page table alongside other normal word processing pages of text, then you have two choices. First, you could just put several tables, one per page, in the document. Or, you could do all of your word processing pages in Pages, and your spreadsheet pages in Numbers. Then combine them in a final PDF using Preview. Something like this:

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