Forum Question: how export video in imovie?

Hi, Gary. I have been working in Home Video that was shot at 640×480 and frame rate was 60. I made the video and now I want to export it as mp4 and put in pen drive and watch on TV. which could be the best way to export it? I want a good quality videos, so, what “data rate”, # of frames? No idea how to export it. Also I would like to make it a DVD. What is the best way? Thanks

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    6/8/11 @ 8:00 pm

    You’ll need to experiment. Higher data dates are larger files, but better quality. It is a trade-off. I’m going to do a video soon on using MPEG Streamclip that explains this a little. But with just iMovie you can “Export as QuickTime” and then choose “Movie to MP4” and then press Options. Then set it to about 1000 Kbps and go from there.
    Or, just use the default iMovie export. That’s an mp4, even if it uses the file extension .mov or .m4v.
    As for making a DVD, you need to use a program that can format a video DVD. iDVD is the go-to for that. See episode 514:

      6/8/11 @ 8:12 pm

      Ok, I understood now thw data rate: the big # = better quality= bigger file size. Fine, but what about the option for the frame rate? which # I could set if the video was shot at 60 frame rate? Thanks

        6/8/11 @ 8:27 pm

        30 fps is pretty standard.

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        TYVM you’ve solved all my prbolmes

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