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How To Add a New Row/number To an Existing Pie Chart?

I spent quite time building a Pie Chart. As time goes, I need to add new rows / numbers to the Pie Chart I have built! Hence I would like to ask How to add a new row/number to an existing Pie Chart?

Merci beaucoupe!!!!

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    2 years ago

    So let’s say you have a table with 5 rows, the first being the header row. The header has “Category” and “Amount.” Then four rows below that are categories in column A and then four numbers in column B. Then you select it and make a Pie Chart.

    Now, you want to add a fifth element to that Pie Chart. So You go back to the table. You add a row below the last one. Put in the category and the amount.

    Now click on the Pie Chart. Under it, you’ll see a big button that reads “Edit Data References.” Click that button and the four rows in your table will be highlighted. At the bottom right corner of that highlighted area there will be a small dot. Drag that dot so the highlighted area now covers the new row. The Pie Chart will update to include the new row.

    2 years ago

    The problem is: I do not see “Edit Data References” under the Pie Chart after clicking on it. Please help me here……..

    2 years ago

    Louis: Which version of Numbers are you using? And are you using it on a Mac, iOS device or on the Web?

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