Forum Question: How To Change Geo Tag In iPhoto 11 Correctly?

I take photos with my iPhone 4S, usually the GPS locations are correct. However, sometimes my phone does not find a GPS location and therefore photos in iPhoto imported do not show any location. When trying to add a position in the little info box on the bottom right of iPhoto 11 (where you can also change keywords etc.), the location is not saved correctly. I search a place and then want to move the pin to the according place, but next time I go to the picture, the pin has moved back to the old place. This is really annoying and it only works if I close iPhoto, open it again and then immediately move the pin. The little picture then centers the new pin and the location is saved. However, the next photo does not work then, too. I need to restart iPhoto again so that it subsequently saves the new pin of the next photo and so on. I don’t know if this a bug or I am doing something wrong, but I tried a completely fresh iPhoto library and imported a picture to try it, same problem ((

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    1/15/12 @ 10:20 am

    I’ve set locations manually before, but haven’t run into this issue. But I see why you mean.
    It seems that the name of the location overrides any changes you make to the pin. So if I locate a photo as “Denver” and then move the pin, the location is still “Denver.” It will then move the pin back to “Denver” the next time I look at it. It never really paid attention to the pin location, only the name.
    So I would focus on using names, not moving the pin, to set the location. You can use a specific address if you like, or even longitude and latitude. Maybe that will get you better results. And after you set one photo in an area, you can copy and paste the location to set the rest. Just Control+Click n the photo and select Copy. Then select the new photo and choose Edit, Paste Location.

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