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How to compress HD files?

Hi Gary,

I’ve made couple of short films for a competition, which I shot on HD 1080 format. The output after edit is in mov, with a size of 2.16 GB, but the competition rules say the files have ot be within 300 mB, with a preferred .m4v extension. Any way I can bring a 2.16 gb to <300mB? Thanks so much.

— Dhruv

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    10 years ago

    Absolutely. You’ll lose some quality going from 2.16GB to 300MB, but you can do it.
    I’d use MPEGStreamclip, but FFMpegX will work too. You can select the mp4 option (I’m pretty sure that m4v = mp4, so just change the extension when done and test). Set it at 1920×1080 (current) and then at h264 compression.
    You can then select the bits/second of the compression and limit it to something low enough to generate 300MB.

    10 years ago

    Thanks so much…will do!

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