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How To Convert Audio Files Into Text Files, for Free?

I have an audio file (.m4a or .mp4) and I want to convert it into a text file (Text Edit or Pages) in OS X El Capitan with a MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008).
José Couto

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    4 years ago

    You mean transcribing? There isn’t a good way to do that. Software isn’t good at doing that, even though some companies are trying. Human workers are the way it is usually done. Either way, getting it done for free isn’t a real possibility.

    Well, there is one way: Do it yourself. That’s the only obvious free way I can think of.

    José Couto
    4 years ago

    Hello Gary Rosenzweig,

    Thank you very much for this response to my question.
    Yes, I mean converting/transcribing audio files (with voice, in Portuguese Language) into text files (in Portuguese Language, too).
    I knew that for free it was difficult to have some software that do this, automaticaly, in a good and understandable way.
    And besides that, in Portuguese, my mother language.
    But, in doubt, I made the question…
    Thanks, again.

    José Augusto Macedo do Couto

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