Forum Question: How to Convert to MP3 in iTunes9?

In past versions of iTunes, I had the ability to convert to MP3 of to AAC from the Advanced Menu or via control click. Now, there doesn’t appear to be a way to convert files to MP3. This is a bummer as the bulk of my music collection is in iTunes Plus format, and songs must be in MP3 format in order to create music CD’s. Was this functionality removed from iTunes 9, or am I missing something? Also, are there any recommendations for a workaround.

— Vladimir Sinayuk

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    3/8/10 @ 9:11 pm

    The function is definitely still there. When you right+click or control+click on a song in iTunes, you get a “Create X Version” menu item. X is the type of file set in your Import settings. So if you have it set to AAC, you get “Create AAC Version.” If you change your import settings to MP3, it is “Create MP3 Version.”
    To change your Import Settings, go to iTunes Preferences, General, and then look for the “Import Settings” button.

    4/12/10 @ 9:09 am

    Thanks for the response to this, and for featuring this on a MacAnswers podcast! I didn’t realize that this setting depends upon my default Import Settings, which I must have had as MP3 in the past. It would be more powerful if the control-click gave you the option to convert to a different format other than the default setting. This behavior would be more logical to me. I’ve found a freeware app called Burn that does the conversion for you as an intermediary step. I’m hoping that Burn also creates directories on MP3 discs, as burning from iTunes playlists does not, resulting in my not being able to choose a specific album on my car CD player. BTW, great job on the podcasts! Regarding this Forum, it would be great if it were searchable.

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