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How To Create Links To Subtitles In a Documents?

Hi, Thanks for a very helpful video on how to make table of contents in Pages!
A friend of mine uses Word, and she showed me a fabulous tool; how to create chapters in her book, headings, before she writes them – in that way, she can just skip to the one she wants to write on that day. The chapters are showed on the left side of the documents.
Fabulous if one writes a longer book, to not need to scroll pages on pages down in search of the right chapter.

Any way at all one can do that in Pages?
(Would love to get Word for Mac, but one has to purchase the full package, with lots of stuff I donĀ“t need, not just Word.)


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    3 years ago

    You could do that by creating the chapter headings first, then using the Table of Contents feature to put a TOC at the start of the document.
    If you click on the page number to the right of any item in the TOC, you it jumps to that heading. That sounds like what you want.

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