Forum Question: How to detect keylogger and webcam spying on Imac

Just bought this second hand Imac. It’s previous owner knows a log in admin password and I am worried he could use it to monitor my computing activities. If I change the log in password can he still connect to this machine?

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    6/5/11 @ 10:04 pm

    Did you get the original install discs with the Mac? If so, simply start fresh by re-installing the system. Like in episode 553:
    If you don’t have the original discs, then you’ll have to settle for changing the admin password. Better yet, create a new Admin account. Set that password, of course. Then delete the old admin account. Delete any other accounts as well, if there are any.
    Check Screen Sharing and File Sharing for any additional passwords or IDs.
    Technically, unless you re-format and re-install the OS, there’s no way to be 100% sure. An expert programmer could alter the very core of the OS. But then you have to wonder why someone would do that. Unless you are a spy or something, but I doubt spied buy used computers.

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