Forum Question: How To Duplicate an iPhoto Event?

Hi Gary –
I have an iPhoto event with 2,000 pictures in it. I’d like to make a full exact copy, using a different event name of course. The goal is to have a “long set” of vacation photos for me, and a “short set” for friends to view. It seems that photos can exist in only one event at time and that is, apparently, preventing me from doing what I want. I know how to this with Albums, but I’d really like to have a complete duplicate event for editing. Ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    11/19/11 @ 1:50 pm

    You should use albums for that. That’s exactly what they are for.
    Each photo should exist on e in your iPhoto. Lectionaries. Events are just another way for you to look at your photos, rather than just in one huge list. Each photo is from a single event, just as it has a single title or date/time.
    Albums are for creating sets of photos to view under different  circumstances. So why not create an album?

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