Forum Question: How to email video from iPhoto?

My name is Deanna and I have had my Mac for 2 years now and still don’t know how to email video from iPhoto. I can email pictures easy enough through iPhoto but when it comes to the video part, I am lost. I have even exported it and attached it through My Documents, but it still didn’t work. I have gone on YouTube and have watched the MacMost videos in regards to emailing video but did not come across video that was stored in iPhoto. Please help.
Deanna Shihinski

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    3/17/11 @ 4:08 pm

    So when you say “didn’t work” what do you mean, exactly? Where did you get stuck? Was there an error message.
    The problem with emailing videos is that they are usually huge files. So perhaps you are running into a limit there?

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