Forum Question: How to export Safari bookmarks from iPad

Somehow, my wife’s user account got deleted from the family Mac. I set her up a new one and am about to sync her iPad with iTunes. However, I fear she will lose her MANY bookmarks during the sync. Is there a way to export those to be reimported after the sync is complete?

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    10/12/11 @ 6:54 am

    Not sure what would happen with the way you were doing it.
    Usually, bookmarks are the least of worries when you lose an entire user account. Files and photos?
    Did you not have a Time Machine backup? I recommend starting one right away. It would have come in handy in this situation.
    I’m not sure what would happen now to her iPad bookmarks when you sync.
    I would have her go through them on the iPad quickly and email (Share) any very important links to you or her email account just in case.
    Usually bookmarks aren’t that important as you can just find those things again easily enough.

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