Forum Question: How To Get Rid Of Folder On Desktop That Matches Folder On Finder

I have a folder in finder thats named “davehoff” with all my saved stuff ( which I regularly back up) that same folder is on my desktop and they seem connected..if I try to put one in the trash, I cannot read the files in the one that is left can I eliminate the desktop folder that matches the same folder in Finder
Bought your 101 book…great..but I dont think there was answer to the above there
Dave Hoff

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    3/18/16 @ 2:12 pm

    There are two ways to view the Desktop. One is in your user folder, and you’ll see Desktop there, as well as Documents, Movies, Music, etc. But the Desktop is a special folder and you’ll also see its contents as icons over your screen’s background and behind all windows.
    So if you don’t want to see this folder there, then you should put in somewhere else besides your home folder’s Desktop folder. Put it in Documents instead. That’s exactly what Documents is for.

    3/19/16 @ 10:08 am

    thank you for your quick reply; however could I send you a screen shot of what I am talking about..same folder in Finder and Desktop; cannot eliminate one without other being I have 35 GB extra I dont need because I cannot delete the desktop copy,,do you have an email I can send the screen shot to..the folder is “davehoff” on desktop; same “davehoff” in Finder

    3/19/16 @ 10:16 am

    Watch the video I linked to above. You don’t have 35 GB of extra files. You are just looking at the same folder in two different ways. Just move the folder from your Desktop folder to your Documents folder. Then it will no longer appear “on” your desktop.

    3/19/16 @ 10:22 am

    From your email:
    “here is the screen shot of my problem; “davehoff” folder in Finder and “davehoff” folder on desktop; both 35 GB want to eliminate the desktop one but everytime I put it in trash I cannot open anything in the Finder “davehoff” files cause it says it is in the trash….dont know how I got a copy of “davehoff” on desktop…thank you ”

    OK. Your folder is only in one place. It is in the Desktop folder like I said. But you also have a shortcut (alias) to it in the left sidebar of your Finder window under “favorites.” This is just a shortcut.
    First, click on the home folder in the left sidebar of the Finder window. It has a little house as an icon. Then you will see the Desktop folder in there. Look in it. You’ll see the same items you have on your desktop in that Desktop folder. This is what I am talking about above. To get that folder off of your desktop, simply move it to the Documents folder.
    Then, if you still want to get rid of it from the Favorites section of the left sidebar of your Finder window, you can Control+Click on that and choose “Remove From Sidebar.”
    This will not free up and space on your drive as you only really have one copy of this folder to begin with. The left sidebar item is just a shortcut, that’s all.

    3/19/16 @ 2:36 pm

    Ok…ty very much..I understand now

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