Forum Question: how to import gmail into apple mail?

Hi, I want to start using Mail but I want to receive emails from my gmail account, however, when I create the account in Mail it is importing ALL old emails I have in my gmail account (more than 5000). I just would like to receive the new emails from gmail, like “from now on” emails. Is that possible? how? —–

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    2/21/11 @ 2:17 pm

    That’s the way IMAP (and Gmail) work. You are seeing a mirror of what is on the server. The Mail client will stay in sync with the server. 5000 is no very much, actually.
    Your best bet is to let it sync that first time, then you will be set.
    Your only other option would be to go into your Gmail account and delete all of your old email. But that’s pretty extreme. Better to keep it around for your records, etc.

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