Forum Question: How to make continuous lines in Pages 09

I’m making forms for my office, that I will print and have patients fill out. How do I make a long line after the “First Name” “Last Name” etc. Up till now I’ve just hit shift and hyphen keys until I get the length I want (hope that makes sense). Seems to me there should be a better way, I’d sure appreciate any help.

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    9/7/11 @ 1:24 pm

    Yes, there is.
    The way I have done it, for decades and spanning many different word processors, is to use tabs.
    So, for instance, type “Name:” on a line, and then a space. Then place a tab in the ruler at the top of the window. Now Command+U for underline, and then tab. You get an underlined area that stretches exactly to the tab position.

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