Forum Question: How To Make Safari Web Browser Work Fast ?

I am having a problem with the safari web browser , i use it on daily purpose but i don’t know every time when i use that it takes more time to open and load the website , in compare to other browser like chrome/firefox they load work much better than safari , could you please help me that how can i make this safari web browser work pretty fast , so that it will be really easy for me to open websites pretty quickly and load much faster….

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    11/27/11 @ 10:06 am

    Safari is like any other browser or software app. There are things that can slow it down.
    Try turning off or removing any Safari extensions you may have added. Then clear your cache, history, cookies, etc. Doing those may have negative side effects like losing your saved data in cookies, but are probably worth a try.
    Other than that it is important to identify what, exactly, is slow. Like maybe you are using an old version of Flash, so updated that. Same with Java. There are many things you can check and do.
    You can always take your Mac to an expert (Genius Bar, repair shop, user group or a friend) and have them take a look.

      11/27/11 @ 12:20 pm

      Hi gary , thanks for your quick response regarding safari , it was really helpful.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11/28/11 @ 2:49 pm

    I delete the cookies when i come off the internet,and the history. I updated Java, and i contacted my ISP by phone.While i was on the phone the rep said type this in,i did,and to my amazement she was controlling my computer,so just think what a pro hacker can do. When she was finished Safari went a lot more quicker. It had something to do with my ISP.

    11/28/11 @ 10:11 pm

    Just think. You gave remote access to a helpful service ISP technician. Just think what a nefarious person could do.
    Main rule is YOU “call” THEM and make sure you’re dealing with the entity you think you are. Have given remote access in the past and found helpful. If you have an iPhone, things can also get confused. Check settings on both iPhone and whatever Mac platform you are running. Sometimes they can “bog one-another down. Safari works likely-split for me after a year of MACing. As Gary said in an earlier post, “different browsers for different folks.” each has its advantages/disadvantages.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11/30/11 @ 3:49 pm

    I did call them,and they verified my details that could only be known to my ISP, and me, because i am very wary about giving my details out,and she wasn`t a wicked person. The time the person that spent a fairly long time with me, was genuine, and very helpful also the call is logged.

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