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How To Open Some Old .cwk Files

I need to open some old .cwk files and convert them to Pages. Help?
Wayne Barbuto

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    7 years ago

    Have you tried opening them directly in Pages? Just choose File, Open and then select the file.
    That should work for AppleWorks files created with the last version(s) of AppleWorks. Pages can open those s long as they are word processing documents (AppleWorks also created spreadsheets, databases and other things).
    But if the cwk was created with a much older version of AppleWorks, then the file type can’t be read by Pages.
    I don’t know what to do beyond that other than to find someone with a very old Mac and AppleWorks and ask them to open the file and export it as rtf or text.

      Wayne Barbuto
      7 years ago

      No, they will not open from Pages. I was hoping there might be a software solution.

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