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How To Remove Kaspersky Software From Desktop

I removed te software from my computer but the Icon stays at the top in my task bar and is always announcing that I need to start an update. When i search the Finder I can not get a trace of it.
Jos Kelgtermans

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    11 years ago

    So the question is: what do you mean by "remove?" If you are using a standard app, like a word processor that just opens and saves document files, then you can usually just throw away the app in the Applications folder and you are fine. But if something extends or alters the operating systen, as you'd imagine anti-malware software would, then there are all sorts of aspects to the app: system library extensions, background processes launched at startup, menu bar icons, etc.
    In these cases you should never just "remove" the app. Instead, you should look for a way to uninstall it. Sometimes this is a function of the app -- you look through the menus and find an "uninstall" option. Other times when you originally installed the software it also installed an uninstaller and placed that in the sane folder as the app. And at other times you have to go back to the software developer and get a specific uninstall app.
    Not sure what this particular piece of software does when you install it. When in doubt check the documentation or the developer's support on their site. In this case, a quick search of their site turns up information about how to uninstall it on the Mac.

      Jos Kelgtermans
      11 years ago

      I just checked the Kaspersky uninstall software on their site and installed the remove software. It worked perfectly, so the icon disappeared from my task bar.
      Thanks for good advice.

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