Forum Question: how to save imovie videos to external hard drive

Is it possible when you upload from a camcorder to save the video to an external hard drive rather than to the internal?
It only gives me the option from the drop down menu to save to the internal.

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    2/2/11 @ 11:16 am

    It should be. I don’t have any way to simulate what you are doing, at least not easily. But you can create events on any hard drive attached to your Mac. When I choose File, Import Movies I get the choice between all of my attached drives.
    Also, if you look in the Event Library at the bottom, on the left, you will see a little hard drive symbol next to “Event Library” — check that to sort your events by the drive they are on. You can also drag and drop events between drives to move them.

    10/24/12 @ 7:50 am

    I used to be a professional underwater videographer and have tons of video footage taking up most of the space on my MacBook Pro. How do I move my video files to an external hard drive? I have an external drive for backups using Time Machine, but I want to remove the videos from my laptop and store them on a separate drive.

      10/24/12 @ 8:47 am

      Are they in iMovie now? If you just want to archive the raw clips, then just use the Finder to drag and drop them out of your Movies folder and organize them yourself in folders on a new external drive.

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