Forum Question: How to save wallpapers in separate folder

Hello, I`m new at this Computer game and your website was suggested to me by friends, hope you can help.

I downloaded several desktop pictures from various websites and saved them to “Desktop Pictures” but they all went into in my “Apple images” folder. How may I transfer them into a self made folder or into the “picture folder” provided by default ?

Thank you for your time…

P.S. I have a MacBook Pro and run Leopard.

— David Kent

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    6/10/10 @ 8:41 am

    Did you create the folder “Desktop Pictures”? If so, it sounds like you saved them to another folder named “Apple Images” by accident. Is that right? Did you create that one too?
    You can move image files around by simply dragging and dropping them in the Finder. This is a pretty basic computer skill — perhaps a class at the Apple Store will help you get started with your Mac. I highly recommend doing that, or having a friend show you around the Finder interface.

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